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A simple statement like, “It must be difficult and painful to have something like that occur,” can be validating.If you order a product and someone calls to confirm that you received it, you might say, “Yes, I got the package.” You are only confirming that you received the package.

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Relationships that are the most successful are those where both partners share their inner world with one another -- their real thoughts, feelings and desires -- and where their partner, in turn, is able to really hear them.

MANILA, Philippines - Grace Ibuna said it was not love at first sight when she first met her future live-in partner, the late Negros Occidental Rep. Ibuna said Arroyo first approached her after he won as congressman of Negros Occidental 5th district in 2004.

She said Arroyo wanted to help his election rival find a job.

One of the most important emotional skills is the skill of validation.

Whether it is or ever will be part of the academic or corporate measures of emotional intelligence, I really don't know.

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