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During his freshman year in high school, Seung-Gi's band performed at a small theater owned by a popular 1980's singer Lee Sun-Hee (이선희). And he is not; BUT, he has so much more: he's very cute, has amazing charisma, is a great actor, and a super nice body. After just finishing watching "Gu Family Book", I loved the way you portrayed the character of Kang Chi -- SUPERB! from your new fan in the State of Alabama in the USA ...

After Sun-Hee heard the band's music she asked Seung-Gi to pursue music professionally, but at the time, Seung-Gi did not know who Seon-hee was and declined her offer. Playing the lead part of half human & half mystical creature who learns to control the rage, evil side of him when he meets the love of his life. I will start watching the other dramas you've been applauded for and listen to your music since I had never seen you perform before "GU"...

Love you Oppa started really liking ur acting in hwayugi..ur chemistry with oh yeon can u two be so good a couple please..ur acting in this it become daebak!! I love lee seung gi because of his talent Though I didn't make proxies sound too appealing, I only mean to produce the point that MOST aren't great, and have limited capabilities as much as unblocking websites on your i - Phone and i - Pad. From the Netherlands I know we can't have a drama this year, but I'm stil hoping for it to happen. I also would love seeing you really happy someday, with the love of your life. As long as you are happy with your choices in life, that's the only thing that matters to me. Smiling back at you, Korimorena I'm just about to finish watching Gu Family Book. My dad just bought a cake home to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday for tomorrow, congratulations on your relationship, and please PLEASE continue with Gu family book What can i say about this actor, first saw him in Gu family book, after that i watch My girlfriend is gumiho, you are not that pretty but your acting skill is super pretty, now i finally become your fans after my lee min ho, and it has be confirmed that you are dating Yoona(girls generation) congratulations. i really love you, i cant find what is special about you but only seeing makes me realize that you have everything, for me you are PERFECT! Then also i really like his songs but i couldn't understand Korean language but i can feel his song from my heart. I used to listen his songs because i don't too but when i listen his song ,i feel like such as of a song . I look forward to seeing him grow in both categories. More power and GOD BLESS...:) Hey Lee Seung-GI, I'm one of your avid fans in the Philippines. First time I say you was In my girlfriend is a gumiho and I loved you and your acting. I just finished watching Kings 2 hearts and I am convinced that next to Lee min ho and the Asian Prince you are one of the best actors in Korea. :) Hello oppa, how are youuu, hope someday you'll read all of comment on this web.

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take care of yr self,dn't fall sick,and most of all dnt give up!! and I am intrigued by your matured acting which makes you so different from other actors. your the wallpaper on my cell phone , i just cant get through a day with out watching him sing my favorite song "Losing my Mind" ^_^ One of my fave actor. That is why i am so happy when he cameo in Producer bec for this two is the most convincing for me. Every roles they did differs to the next and no traces of its previous. I wish all the very best for your military service..are a perfect guy, I always wanted to be like you.. Keep the ball rolling you are my role model on d aspect of singing and I love yr songs. cant get over of lee seung gi, since i watched My girlfriend is a GUMIHO, im stunned by his charm, ang his talent for acting and most specially the way he sing.. oppa I luv all your drama's and especially the one you acted with beasuzy "GU family book". You looked even more good after your military service. At first i start to watch this drama it seems i don't interest at all and i watch it by fasting every episodes though it was a great story i admit it. In my life a could saying only one drama that changed my perspection and it was 'it's okay that's love' and now the king 2 hearts can be the 2nd best drama in my life. Actually, I first love him in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. My only frustration now is I want him to come meet his fans here in the Philippines but it seems that this will take some time to organize. his humility and good personality makes him endearing to his fans. " Personally, I thought he was really just super in "King Two Hearts" and "The Gu Family Book". Ok I wish you much success & a great actor & singer in all over the world. Hope you can find time to visit the Philippines just like what Lee Min Ho did. hey dude gu family book is very amazing..i thought it was really real.and suzy are both good to each other i hope you are real couple in reality very very good chemistry.. : D're such a excellent person i hope you stay like this as you are.. I don't care if you focus on music, acting, or variety show, as long as you do it with your heart. I wish that u will act more new* and wonderful corean drama. So one day my friend recommend to me to watch gu family book. And, of course, from all I have allocated Lee Seung Gi. Each series to your participation more and more get positive emotions. seung gi oppa loves you saw all your series and I am waiting for your movie Woman of Three Men heard all the albums and singles in your hopes for your success and I loved the last series I did hope that would separate from yoona Successfully He is really the best! I just want to request for the season 2 of Gu Family Book, please. I hope, rapidly, see Image of Lee Seung Gy healthy, after accident for eyes. His voice is mind blowing following with his acting skills which is brillient. Then i watched all of your drama and all of them was soooo good!!! Since then i started collecting anything that has something to do with him, his songs, albums, drama series, just anything and everything about him. may he be always down to earth because that makes him more lovable. I think your next dramar ' you're All Surrounded' will be the best. forever your fan , htwe myanmar, fighting seung ji. From all fans here in Greece : "We all love you oppa!!!! I'm sure brother lee seung gi can reach brother ideals higher than that now and can have what you want to have big brother of the present. He is at least 4 or 5 inches shorter than these 2 tall guys in all pictures. I love your voice wave & when you smile at wonderfull& amazing expressions. I hope I can live longer to watch his still upcoming drama series. you still have a long way to go in giving happiness through entertainment. ure very2 amazing actor and make me envy with miss suzzy coz the chemistry both of u was build in ahahhaa : D ... *tears* Seung Gi oppa, keep doing your best on entertainment industry. I hope that one day my dreams will come true..u're good in singing,acting and MC-ing..u're so proffesional i think..u're good in everything.

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