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She dates her first love, Henry Gibson, for nearly a year, but her feelings for Vince complicates matters and the two break up.

Although, after the breakup, Holly begins to question whether she made the right decision to break up with Henry so soon.

The first phase of the Johnston County Historical Manuscript and Image Archives project was completed in September 2002.

These images include some of the most historically significant collections of manuscripts, photographs, and artifacts in the Johnston County Heritage Center.

Pittenger defeated Mark Harris and Todd Johnson in the Republican primary. The link below is to the most recent stories in a Google news search for the terms Todd Johnson North Carolina Congress.

A recount was required in the Republican primary, after which Pittenger led Harris by 133 votes. These results are automatically generated from Google. Butterfield (D) • Mark Meadows (R) • Mark Walker (R) • Patrick T.

After a brief and extremely unsuccessful stint working at Jeff's restaurant, she finds work at a copy shop through her friend Gary.

During the series, Holly goes through several jobs.Holly eventually finds a stable job as a music manager, though the decision coincides with her decision to drop out of college, which becomes a longstanding issue in her family.Holly goes through several romantic relationships throughout the series.Click here to view a list of our Online Collections .She famously lost 40lbs - now actress and Jenny Craig spokesperson Valerie Bertinelli has gained a husband.

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    "Yeah," Frances says with a grin and mock-exasperation, "looking at my dad every day." (Preview the cover story and listen to a previously unheard Cobain song here.) That is one of many stories and revelations that come out over almost three hours late one afternoon in early March, as Frances, now 22 and a visual artist, speaks publicly for the first time about her father; life after his death; her complex relationship with her mother, Courtney Love; and the new film, written, directed and produced by Brett Morgen.

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    Crew members, Audrey Wauchope, Rachel Specter, Jane Beck, Tarin Squillante, Cristy Koebley and Jo Jo Stephens also signed the letter.

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