Updating raised ranch exterior

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The majority of front yard pergolas project out from above the front entryway.

Depending on how your front step is laid out, a front entry pergola can range from just large enough to cover the front stoop to large enough to serve as an impromptu front porch.

The the Curb Appeal team start the makeover at the curb with this one, creating wide tile-accented steps that lead from the street to the new front porch that spans the entire length of the home's facade.

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Dubbed “the cargo ship house” by Fixer Upper’s Chip Gaines, this long, gray and bland exterior was certainly short on charm.The word arbor is often used interchangeably with pergola, but an arbor is a totally freestanding structure, while, technically, meaning projection.These were structures that projected from the walls of a house, creating the look of a Roman villa.If you’re not familiar with construction, you may not be familiar with what exactly a pergola is.They’re simply raised structures with an open roof of rafters or timbers.

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