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From India to Indonesia the use of spices is characteristic; coconuts and seafood are used throughout the region both as foodstuffs and as seasonings.African cuisines use a combination of locally available fruits, cereal grains and vegetables, as well as milk and meat products.The area's climate, in large measure, determines the native foods that are available. For example, foods preserved for winter consumption by smoking, curing, and pickling have remained significant in world cuisines for their altered gustatory properties.The trade among different countries also largely affects a region's cuisine.

The vegetarianism practiced in much of India has made pulses (crops harvested solely for the dry seed) such as chickpeas and lentils as significant as wheat or rice.In some parts of the continent, the traditional diet features a preponderance of milk, curd and whey products.In much of tropical Africa, however, cow's milk is rare and cannot be produced locally (owing to various diseases that affect livestock).Those curry dishes with origins in India and other South Asian countries usually have a yogurt base while Southeastern and Eastern curries generally use coconut milk as their foundation.European cuisine (alternatively, "Western cuisine") include the cuisines of Europe and other Western countries.

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