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Brooke noticed her looking, turned a little and let out a little grin… She drove home fast, weaving up the winding hills, the dildo box sliding around on the passenger seat as a constant reminder that they were there.

She got home and ran inside, locked the doors, went into the kitchen and put plenty of food down for the dogs – her alsation half-breed and pitt-bull.

Timberlake was a great fuck – young, healthy, bags of energy and great looks, and when he went on tour she really missed him.

She tore open the box with the double dildo in it and started fondling it, sucking the tip absent mindedly as she watched the plasma – Jesse was upside down, her back arched over the end of a couch, taking it hard down her throat, round fake unmoving tits standing round and proud out of a pretty bra. As soon as he walked through the door she had pulled his meat out and started sucking on it…

Jessica slipped the fat dildo into her pussy, sliding it a good six inches inside her and pumping it slowly into herself… Mmmmm, Cameron’s pussy juices had soooo tasted good! She spat on it and started to lube it up with her hands, put the tip in her mouth and started to suck – this time putting a little more effort into it as she watched Jesse sucking a real cock on the screen and getting jealous as hell.

She jumped in her Porsche and headed down to the Hustler store for a look around to see what she could find.

She looked along a huge rack of dildos and vibrators that filled half the store…

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