Portage config files in etc need updating

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Now I prefer to do : Notice I have not done an emerge --sync yet and I don't want to do that yet, that will come later. This a great thing to do when you are about to go to bed.

After that is done, I like to do the world recompile: Now you look at that and go what happened to the D ? Now you are probably sitting there thinking I thought SL doesn't recommend a world update.

Once a package fails I simply: YAY more packages to compile! So we wait for that to finish and I usually fix the errors as it goes along since it isn't very many packages.

Now we have the entire system rebuilt, well almost.

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So now, I like all the multimedia features the web has to offer, so I want to experience it all, so I open up my konsole again and punch in: Yes, I know you can add this to your file, but this is my guide and you should add it to your /etc/portage/file for future use.

Now I like to use: There is several ways to update config files, this is my way of doing it.

So I punch in etc-update and many will auto merge, which is great with me.

I am not saying that my way is the best way by any means.

This is simply my way of how I do things with a fresh install to make a stable system.

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