Egtra updating plan documents

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These workshops will be open to the public at no cost to the attendees.

We will be sending invitations to our clients and our advisor partners.

We are committed to helping you keep a healthy and successful retirement plan.

As part of that commitment, all of the following services are included with our PPA restatement process for one fee: BRI will be scheduling several training workshops to go over some of the opportunities available to Plan Sponsors with this PPA restatement process.

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Can other provisions of our Plan be modified during the restatement process? This is the perfect time to review your plan document and the operation of the plan to determine if any changes should be made at the time the document is restated.While you are at it, also review beneficiary designations on any life insurance, annuities and retirement plans you may have. For example, if an ex-spouse is yet the beneficiary of your ERISA retirement plan (think 401k or profit sharing), then he or she will inherit it even if contrary to state law. Without this, it can take months for accounts can be accessed for these purposes.Incorrect or incomplete beneficiary designations can cause assets to be distributed contrary to your current wishes. Want to make sure you have everything ship-shape when it comes to your estate to avoid conflict in the tribe at your passing? He or she can help you get and stay organized when it comes to your estate planning.You need your plan document written correctly and tailored to your company needs. Approximately every six years, the IRS requires that plan documents be updated and resubmitted for review and approval.Benefit Resources has received approval on its updated master document, and now we are ready to assist our clients in meeting the restatement requirement to insure that your plan continues to maintain its tax-exempt status.

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