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Of course, papa, I should like to accommodate myself to them as much as I can. For accommodations "lodgings and entertainment," see accommodation. Even in his most accommodating mood he inspires a dread of treachery.But I am an accommodating man, and we can come to terms very easily.He wanted to learn the details of the accommodating illness. of accomodare "make fit, adapt, fit one thing to another," from ad- "to" commodare "make fit," from commodus "fit" (see commode). You wanted to go to sea, but he jumped at the chance of accommodating your desire with a vengeance. He will most often succeed in accommodating his sentiments to those of his conjoint.With an accommodating chaperon who knew no German, the couple could do and say what they pleased.This military hospital is capable of accommodating 3,000 soldiers.

Hence, in this sense, such groups can be seen as 'world-affirming'.

Satan is the things that keep us tied to this world, not wanting to escape it.

It represents the fact that we're not willing to give up worldly things for spiritual goals ('Spiritual pipe dreams') attained for an afterlife.

Other doctrines accord with this too; the emphasis on this world and the denial of any other spiritual realms, and the focus on science and intelligence.

The scholar Asbjørn Dyrendal surveyed Satanism and agrees that "both rationalist and esoteric Satanisms are primarily world-affirming forms of self-spirituality.

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