Latina women dating black men carbon 14 dating machine

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Is it true that the majority of Latina Women love to be domineering and controlling of men in relationships to prove how "strong" of a woman they are?

LATIN WOMEN MENTALITY by Sandros Edited for better comprehension.

My Chinese ex was telling me that Asian men are too dominant and don't make love like they care.

She also told me the Chinese girls secret "we all secretly crave white cock".

With latin men they play the role of the latin woman..other race like with white men or foreigner, they act like the perfect submissive wife rather than loudmouth controling maniac with latin man.

They react differently to someone that is latin , unless its a family setup.

Great artical, not too many Latinas in England for me though, but from what I've seen they can bee very wild and passionate.

NOTE: I come from a background of hispanic family, Im not into the whole latin shabang Im more open minded with all race and cultures, thats the type of mentality living in new york has given me. I wrote about it awhile back after analyzing notes and interactions with latin women, freinds and even my relationship with my ex wife to my friend from seattle just wanting latin women and not white.

Unless its for provider to have him invest in her to be sure he is in love with her.

They see their moms not happy with their latin man, so the latin woman will see herself in that future as a house slave or dependent on their man, thats part of overall culture.

Use that analogy to your benefit to game a latin girl, the more different you are from her and show you are High value.more attracted she will be to you..respond well to jealousy and social proof, its common for them to obsess over their man and fight for him. this info is important when entereing in a relationship with them.

There's hardly any need to game if you have this down. in relationship or courtship is choosing depending on the way they were raised and the mentality behind it , thats how you 'll know if she is good for LTR or FB. they are HOT and When I go out to store and do eye contact test for sexuality, I get better response from latin women than other types, to the extreme of her keeping it and me getting AI.

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