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In 2001, Patrick starred in “Wedding of my sister.” Unfortunately the film was never released in the rental.But the following picture in 2003 brought the first successes of the actor.In 2003, when she finally broke into feature films, it was in a big way, with co-stars like Kevin Bacon and Sean Penn in the Clint Eastwood–directed movie .

The boy’s mother – Mary Kay Wilson singing teacher and professional singer, and his father – John Wilson news presenter on TV in Florida.By age 11, she was on television, and by adolescence, in movies.Rossum combined her vocal and acting talents to become a star at 18 in the film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Born in New York City on September 12, 1986, Emmanuelle "Emmy" Grey Rossum was raised solely by her mom, Cheryl Rossum, a corporate photographer. Despite not having siblings, she became a part of a much bigger family after joining the Children's Chorus of the Metropolitan Opera at the age of 7.Miniseries “Angels in America” has collected many prestigious awards and has been awarded as “Best mini-series or TV movie.” Starring famous actors such as Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson.Patrick was nominated for the “Emmy” and “Golden Globe” for Best Actor and won critical acclaim.

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