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Many students develop important relationships with teachers who become mentors, and with other talented students.Art school also allows you to immerse yourself in a community that supports art.You may feel like you’ve finally found “your people”.The actual to your art may be taught as a purely intellectual or academic exercise.Grant and Tracy A Huebner -- Post-tenure review portfolio: a collaborative venture / Larry Cuban -- Anatomy of a portfolio assessment system: using multiple sources of evidence for credentialing and professional development / Walter H.

In this book, the tensions of portfolios are explored - whether portfolios serve personal or public needs, whether they are used for teacher evaluation or professional development - using current portfolio practices at teacher education institutions from Maine to California.There are “rich/famous/successful” artists, and there are “failed artists”.It may have wound around in the woods for awhile, it may have taken you longer to get here….She also serves as a mentor to Eyal Mayer (Class 21).Liat is Partner at Marker LLC and is based in the firm’s Herzliya office.

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