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For example, one group believes that the Federal Government is building concentration camps on military bases, to detain anti-government dissidents after they've used foreign troops to enforce a new world order that would merge the US, Canada and Mexico.

One militiaman, former Arizona cop Jack Mc Lamb, claims the government has placed coloured dots on people's mailboxes so Chinese mercenaries will know what to do with those who live at each address.

A blue dot means you'll be taken to i a concentration camp.

Get a red dot, though, and you'll be shot in the head, at once.

Barack Obama's going to confiscate all of America's guns.

The FBI are building concentration camps for anti- government dissidents.

Yes, if he asked me to, but to be honest I'd rather be in a movie by my wife! I've actually written three new comics and I've put him on the very last page of one of them. And finally, have you had any offers to do American talk shows like Piers Morgan?

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For more information, go to S 37 World Mags New recruits are taug how to use firearms Militia groups have heavily equipped arsenals ■J World Mags SECRET ARMIES Across the US, paramilitary groups plan to tak e over colour-coded dot on your mailbox means that a mercenary is going to shoot you.£1.80 p(3.10/fll3.60 • cauk 1 BRITAIN'S SELLING MEN'S WEEKLY! JONATHAN e well e owe 1 1 World Mags World Mags TEAM BONN SYDNEY • AUSTRALIA 20-26 MAY 201 1 NEWS 6 Investigating the push-up bikini! 10 Fifa 12: first look 12 Great white shark goes mental! p10 LU o - c£ O a o It's TV honey Agnieska, minus pesky clothing! 18 Nuts Lip-Reader 25 Jim Jef feries Fifa 12: first look!I hate killing them off because you know they're going to bring them back. BEST MATE What would you rather have - the very first Wii 2 or the first ever Spider-Man comic?Even with the death of Spider-Man, you know they're not going to kill him off. I've got a huge collection that covers most of the back World Mags wall in my office. Well, I've already got the first Spider- Man comic, so make that the Wii 2, thank you very much! Would you like to take this opportunity to say something nice about them?

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