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In describing this scent, pretty much all has been said.Some find it dated, some too overwhelming or heavy, some even too manly, but for me this is warm, strong jet tender, alluring and sensual oriental, the one that can (in designers section) match with any of its competitors for the oriental throne.

Thankyou Obessession for the most blissfull olfactory experience.

I wear this sometimes in honor of her, or when I want to evoke something romantic or special. So when I got my first job and salary this was the first perfume I ever bought and I still wear this besides other brands. Every spray still brings me back to my past and the face of that friend whom I'm never seen for 17 years! A couple of sprays in the air and a walk thru' the lingering fragrance is all you need with this powerful oriental fragrance. I was at Kohl’s last night went there too buy my grand daughter an outfit. I am so happy that I decided to purchase the fragrances I wore in my youth.

Once you go Obsession you never like flowery girly scent! Try enhancing by combining it with a spray of Tabu, it will envelope you with exotic incense. It’s lovely if you wear it right I took a shower and sprayed 4 sprays on my shirt and my goodness this shit is strong. I have made this one of my signature scents along side my beloved beautiful. What’s pitiful is when you are a perfume addict such as myself, all you have too do is see perfume and most likely you end up in the perfume counter. He cuddles up into my sweater, breathes in, and lets out a loving sigh. It also works out because he wears Obsession for Men, so we smell great together when I choose this. I like scents to have a bit of a kick and this still does not disappoint.

I felt like I was full leathers in a saddle in the hot sun.

Obsession is my guilty pleasure, although I'll readily admit to it.

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