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The third checkbox "Actualiser les données" (Update data after Insert or Update) is not remembered. First Returned Record End Sub Bit of a hack, but as long as I fix the tableadapters this way, they do function correctly.

To get auto incremented value updated in the datatable after used tableadapter. But when I check it, then close all dialogs (OK, Terminate) and reopen the dialog, the checkbox is not checked anymore. The option to configure the tableadapters to refresh after inserting doesn't seem to do anything.

Here is the resume of the problem : The first call to Table Adapter.

If I change the date to "" and change another field to a different value, the update returns 0 (it didn't update)Any ideas please? Accept Changes Accept Changes method will change the current Record State to Unmodified. From what I have experienced, the Update method throws me an exception if it returns 0, except the Continue Update On Error property is set to True. For more information, see How to: Locate Rows that Have Errors.

Trade Base Data Set.t Enq)When I change the textbox holding the date to "" it updates fine (returns 1 on the debug.print) as long as no other fields have changed. If an exception is caught, locate the data row that caused the error.

Adding rows works, then updating works fine, but deleting rows, does not seem to work. Delete and insert work but update does not Using VS 2005 Details View to insert, delete, and update rows in SQL 2005 database. I recieve no errors and the details View comes back unchanged (as well as table row is unchanged).

The dataset is configured to send the Data Set updates to the database. I am trying to use as little code behind as possible.

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