Stored procedure insert not updating database

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For example, let there be a demand that the email address is specified for the company being updated. Instead of implementing custom CUD methods manually, you can map them to existing stored procedures.

(And we don't want to enforce a server constraint for whatever reason - e.g., there is already a lot of companies without emails currently in the database). Consider you have a stored procedure that updates a company in the database.

The update commands include setting of all changed fields, and the insert commands set all mapped columns not being auto-generated.

In some cases, this may be not the behaviour you want.

For example, you may want to perform some validation, calculate some of the columns or even change data in other tables when saving changes to an entity object.

To configure such custom logic in your Data Context type, you can implement the corresponding partial methods.

Database profiles represent the data set to be retrieved from or written to a relational database.

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Fortunately, you don't, as Data Context provides protected internal (Protected Friend in VB) methods Execute Dynamic Insert, Execute Dynamic Update, and Execute Dynamic Delete.

These methods get an object instance and perform the default insert, update or delete operation for it.

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