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My driver said I may be too cheerful when I get in the car. For many drivers, ratings have felt like a one-way street. Their ability to make a living and feed their families is at stake. And they should have been kicked off the system a long time before their ratings went into the 3s. They were still allowed to request pickups and annoy, and in a few cases, scare drivers to death!

There are so many ways a driver can get onto a passenger’s bad side. It puts drivers under tremendous pressure and it can be insanely infuriating at times. Ratings have always been crucially important to drivers – because for many – their livelihoods are on the line.

What he failed to recognize though is that “in the beginning” Uber’s prices were about three to four times higher than they are today.

We’ve been through three or four massive rate cuts since then.

They’ll know that’s because you gave them less than five stars. Uber needs to make it so passengers can’t see their new rating until or after the time to rate the driver has expired. Drivers: Learn Why You Don’t Need to Obsess Over Your Ratings To give passengers a glimpse into what the driver has rated them – is unfair to drivers.

Even if it just went to 4.99, they were honestly surprised that someone thought they weren’t perfect.

Let’s say a passenger has a rating of 4.76 before they take a trip with you.

Then after they get out of your car and walk into their house, they turn on the app and notice their rating is now 4.74.

And it gives passengers the opportunity to retaliate with their own lower ratings of drivers.

A lot of passengers have the mistaken impression that since Uber introduced tipping that drivers give a low rating because if you don’t tip.

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