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No, this time we see him start out in England as a gentleman, celebrity of sorts. For a moment I thought the film would be smart enough to know that we, as an audience, also know this origin story. Outside of being a "new" take on the mythical man raised by apes there isn't anything remotely new about this movie.

It still tells us his origin in laziest way possible and it still follows a three act structure that we have seen a couple thousand times over.

Either exaggeratedly bored or exaggeratedly upbeat. Any other time the shots are either so shaky that things are incomprehensible or the camera twists and turns so much that nausea will come to all.

If there was one thing that was consistently worse than anything else in movie was the special effects.

Every time they show themselves on screen resulted in me cringing into the depths of my padded seat.

At the end of day I was actually glad we didn't see the story everyone knows.

The jaguar (Panthera onca), is a wild cat species and the only extant member of the genus Panthera native to the Americas.

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The second biggest part of the Tarzan tale is the apes and their CG is absolutely the worst.What we have here is yet another Tarzan adaptation.This isn't the Tarzan you know from the Disney movie.If we got that movie we would've had to endure more of those dreadful apes.None of which have any personality or presence in the film at all. Who are so bland that even when they talked to each they seemed bored with the others lack luster persona.

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