Dating outside religion

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We should trust God, looking to Him, not our own reasoning. If we ask Him in faith, He will find the right person for us who will be compatible with our beliefs.Marrying outside the Church brings with it many problems to overcome from the start—problems relating to worship, prayer, the Sabbath, Holy Days, Feast times, holidays, children, foods and more.During college, when I was out with a group of friends, I met the man that I was eventually to marry, and he wasn’t in the Church. He taught me to swing dance, we studied together, and sometimes we had lunch or dinner together.We didn’t hang out with each other frequently, but we kept in touch and would talk and spend some time together.I did go on a lot of group outings with friends from church, and also spent time alone with guys in the Church.Camps, Feasts and big church activities were the highlights of my high school years.God does not want us to bring upon ourselves more challenges than are already there by choosing a mate who does not live His way.It was hard for me to accept, but I finally did understand and commit myself in faith that God would choose someone for me in the Church.

” She helped me to see what I already knew but did not want to face.

I was complaining to her about my parents’ decision relating to dating guys in high school.

I told her about a few guys that seemed awesome at my high school.

All I could do was represent His truth the best that I could.

One day I mentioned our church Web site so that he could learn more about the Church. I’d had friends in the past who seemed interested but never would follow through.

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