Radiocarbon dating of fossils taken from caves on islands along Free singles sex dating services

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The tomb of the Roman general Marcus Nonius Macrinus, a confidant of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (ruled AD 161–180), was found during construction work on the Via Flaminia on the east bank of Rome's Tiber River.

Among the ruins of the 15-m (50-ft)-long column-lined mausoleum, a team led by archaeologist Daniela Rossi documented about one dozen biographical inscriptions that detailed the career of the Brescia-born general, who had served as a police commissioner and magistrate before playing a key role in the emperor's campaigns against the Germanic tribes of the North.

The figurines, unearthed from a pair of storage pits, appeared to have been ritually buried.

As a consequence, the authors speculated that the origin of the order Primates probably occurred much earlier than these two genera, either in the early Paleocene or—as had been indicated previously by numerous molecular genetics studies—in the preceding Cretaceous.

Residential architecture had yet to be found at the site, which underscored its role as a cult centre.

Built by seminomadic hunter-gatherers in an age before the wheel, pottery, or domesticated plants and animals, Gobekli Tepe predated Mesopotamia's first cities by more than 5,500 years.

Europe would therefore have been inhabited by hominins much earlier than previously thought and from migrations that originated in western Asia rather than directly from Africa.

These Kenyan fossils, which were discovered in 2000, had been a source of controversy in terms of their supposed hominin affinities and locomotor capabilities.

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