Dating of pre flood humans

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The three to five inch long teeth of the Tyrannosaurus rex have roots which are too short to support a meat-tearing, bone-crunching diet.

Tyrannosaurus most probably was a vegetarian (at least before the flood of Noah, Genesis , 30) and used his long sharp teeth to strip leaves from plants.

The dinosaurs would have continued growing as long as they lived. Reptiles function best, as cold-blooded animals, in warm temperature climates.

God created large reptiles which kept growing in an efficient high pressure atmosphere with plenty of warmth and unlimited supplies of lush vegetation to eat and nothing to eat them.

Where did the great dinosaurs come from; how did they grow so big; and, if it is "survival of the fittest", why did these powerful creatures become extinct? God created the giant reptiles and may have referred to one or two of them which existed in Job's day (see Job - ).

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The sun, moon and stars were visible to Adam and to Noah, in view of the fact that Genesis states that they would serve as signs. A little experiment to prove this point can be accomplished in your kitchen by filling a tea-kettle with water and putting it on the stove to boil.Very sick people and the severely burned are treated in this high pressure environment.Evolution has a problem called The Great Dinosaur Mystery.Palm tree fossils have been found in Alaska and broad leaf ferns in the Arctic. Some scientists have postulated they travelled there on the tectonic plate (earth crust) movement over millions of years. A creationist would say, "No problem, palm trees grew in Alaska in the tropical world before the Flood." These trees were buried during the Flood of Noah's day resulting in their fossilization.Scientists have found tropical forests and coal deposits in Antarctica.

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