Validating account numbers uk modulus checking

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In the absence of a complete database of each and every bank account, it is the subsequent best method of verifying the likely validity of a bank account number.In most situations modulus checking functions by validating a couple of numbers against a particular check digit or digits.However, if you’re collecting payments from a handful of people a free trial may be enough.At Go Cardless we carry out modulus checking for you as soon as your customer submits their details.If you have any questions about how to perform a modulus check, call our team on 020 8338 9537.

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However, it doesn't show whether the account actually belongs to that customer in question.It also doesn't show whether the account is set up to support Direct Debit.There are a few providers you can use for modulus checking (some of which offer free trials).The documents marked ‘NDA’ require a prospective participant to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the Company before being provided access to the documents via our central repository.This is required to protect the security and intellectual property of the Faster Payments Scheme.

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