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That weekend her step father had also invited a few friends for fishing and drinking. Not having a dad I was really enjoying the attention.

She lived far away, had a kid already and she didn't have any job or education prospects.They had this little round board that they could pull behind the boat. But I was afraid I was not a strong enough swimmer if I fell off. So there it was floating on my stomach with my ass out of the water for the world to see. Who could not stop laughing I looked around for my bikini bottoms and luckily I saw them floating not to far away.One of the guys threw it out and jumped in the water. But they gave this life preserver that went around my waist. I figured what the Hell, they have seen my ass now I might as well swim over and get it. This not only meant I didnt have to swim as far but I gave them a close view.They helped me aboard and red faced I returned to my fishing pole. I slid right off the board and was being dragged thru the water. I finally let go of the rope and see the men in the boat laughing hysterically.The fish had stopped biting and everyone was getting bored. Even worse was the life preserver kept pushing my bottom half up out of the water. My nether regions were making their debut bobbing up and down in the water to a bunch of older men.

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