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She returned to her 9th floor apartment but after a few hours sleep woke up and climbed up a flight of stairs to the room above and occupied by the five men.In his statement to police Graham said Maxwell had looked paranoid and confused.Graham, who has denied any involvement in the newly wed's death, insisted he did not see her fall. But Miguel said statements from two other men in the flat, father of one Callum Northridge and cage-fighter and British kickboxing champ Ricky Gammon, 31, contradicted the account given by Graham to police.He said Gammon had told police he spoke briefly to Maxwell and asked her what she was doing in the flat when he saw her wander in fully clothed but barefoot.'Gammon said in his statement to police he spoke with her and told her 'This is not your room'.Amid heartbreaking claims about the reasons behind his wife's death, Adam, who is also 27, told The Sun last night: 'Something dark happened in that room - and I won't rest until I know the truth.'The men were the last people to see Kirsty alive before her body was found near to the swimming pool at the budget apartment block in the Costa Blanca resort.It has been suggested that the newly-wed jumped to her death or was high on drugs at the time, but Adam has hit back at those claims.

The camera did not capture her fall but only the impact with a police source saying she landed a few metres from the pool.Recounting his version of her last moments Graham told a Spanish court before being bailed: 'She walked past me as I stood opposite the bathroom and I showed her where the door was but she went the other way into the apartment.'She looked confused to me, as if she was drunk or under the effects of drugs.I remember saying out loud, 'This girl is mad.'Next to the door there was another room with a small window and through that I saw a silhouette near the balcony.Her devastated husband, who flew to the resort with her parents, wanted Graham and others in the flat held in custody.The plea was rejected by the examining magistrate and Graham and the others allowed to return to the UK – but warned they could be brought back at any time for further questioning.

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