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A telephone number, possibly a toll charge number, or “900” number, would be used, possibly different telephone numbers for each state, based on the license plate of the vehicle.The potential date would then enter the license number onto the keypad of the telephone to access the subscriber's voice mailbox message.This invention relates to a dating service which allows potential daters to observe the users of the system in their automobiles.Recently, dating services have often utilized the Internet for possible date selections.In order to get a sufficient amount of customers, the services will bring together a large geographic area of people in the personals ads.Many people do not want to date outside their immediate area.The dating system subscriber would display a sticker on their automobile indicating they were a member of the service, and possibly providing means of contacting the service, either a telephone number, or an Internet web site URL address.Potential dates could contact the dating service to obtain the background information on the subscriber, using a touch-tone phone.

This requires long periods of time of calling for additional information about potential dates, and does not provide pictures of the people.

This allows users to signal their availability, but maintain security, until relatively confident of the other person's reliability. 1 is an illustration of a sticker used to identify a user and their identification number. 2 is an illustration of a sticker affixed to an automobile. 3 is a flowchart of an embodiment of the invention.

A dating system according to the present invention has subscribing members who have registered information about themselves.

Today, many busy people are unable to spend time looking for dates.

Time demands at work and home have restricted efforts at meeting new people.

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