Wow not updating 5 0 4

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Not having access to Warlords content would have been a serious detriment to the cause.

A note I want to add before anyone jumps to conclusion: I do not intend to offer any rewards that could negatively affect users that cannot or will not donate or "pay" for features.

I am not interested in a donor-only support forum that get better service, or donor-only special editions of LUI with more features.

While they may receive some perks for donating (as mentioned on the Patreon page), I hope people that will donate will do so to show their support for me and my projects and NOT as a way to pay to get a better service.

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- Core: The Blizzard Frame Scale script has been improved to include more Blizzard frames, including Warlords-specific ones (such as the Garrison Architect Table)- Core: Fixed an issue with Load On Demand Blizzard frames not being affected by the the Frame Scaling.- Core: Removed usage of Saved Variables Per Character.

Since this is a much more complex issue to solve, we can only suggest you look into other raid frames addons such as Grid, Healbot or Vuhdo.- World Map: LUI's world map module has several minor issues such as the player arrow disappearing when using maximized map and quest zone blue highlights not showing.

It is disabled by default as of last version, but some people may still have it enabled.

I would like to thank everyone who has submitted bug reports or weird behaviors happening so we could get them all (or at least most of them) before the release.

We may do another release in a week or two to round up any new bugs that shows up or if we finally manage to nail down the currently known issues.

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