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And the warm feeling that notion gave her was becoming less annoying all the time.And so, two weeks had passed since that night, and Gene had made a full recovery.In clipped tones, Monroe explained that Charlie was not some common whore like the ones around Puesta del Sol.

And if he needed to scratch an itch, he would just damn well have to wait until they got to New Vegas. He had no doubt the man had one hell of a poker face, but in front of his son, when talking about Charlie, something had slipped through the carefully constructed facade.Miles was no surprise, but Connor had been less expected.And apparently, he'd done the really difficult work of getting the antidote and escaping Truman's grasp.The sun sank lower and lower, setting on her grandfather's life, just as it set on the day. And it hadn't brought her the satisfaction she'd thought it would.She and her mother waited with Gene, praying help would arrive in time. She was sure Rachel would do a bit of self-reflecting over that, considering he was the one to actually inject her grandfather. She could say it was because Miles was so upset about it.

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