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So how did it metamorphose to become the large, vibrant and diverse city it is today?

The site must have made an attractive prospect to any early humans seeking a permanent home.

For Medeshamstede was what Peterborough used to be known as.

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It wasn’t refounded again until 970, when Bishop Aethelwold of Winchester claimed to have been visited by God, who told him to travel to the ancient monastery of St Peter and restore it.This he did, after a small hiccup when he stumbled on Oundle by accident and started to build there instead.A presumably slightly frustrated God then appeared a second time to point out his mistake and direct him down-river a few miles until he found the real Medeshamstede, its ruins being used to house cattle and sheep and ‘the whole place filled with foulness and all uncleanness’, according to Hugh Candidus.By the side of the Nene, at the point where dry land submitted to the marshy Fens, it was a fertile place blessed with natural abundant food and building resources.The first person to chronicle the history of Peterborough, the Benedictine monk Hugh Candidus, wrote during the 12th century that it was “built in a fair spot, and a goodly, because on the one side it is rich in fenland, and in goodly waters, and on the other it has the abundance of ploughlands and woodlands with many fertile meads and pastures”.

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