Other age dating game walkthrough

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Strip Club [Immediately upon entering the club you have a major choice to make.Watching any of the other dancers (such as Sylvia) has no bearing on the game, other than being nice to look at, so it is omitted from this walkthrough.] Strip Club Bar Go grab a beer. In order to celebrate your 16th birthday, Green Mage Nitarou gave you a special machine that allows you to summon your dream guy.Enter the world of Other Age, where Genetic Glow and Imaginary Realm characters collide.

(Azumi 1) [At this point, if you went to the sofa earlier you can choose to trigger the Natalie Corruption path, otherwise continue (the following also assumes you went to the bar and helped Candy)] You still seem to care about her.

For Zoui you have to say "I am the princess of FOOD kingdom." Stupid, but it works. Occasionally if the server is down it may take a while longer, obviously however long it is until it is back up again. What you need to do first is find and locate a line that starts with: GAIA_ORIG_FILE = and at the end of the line will be a file name - this is the cookie you need to open.

locate the file on your harddrive and open it in notepad. Now search within the cookie file you have open in notepad, for a line that starts with: GAIA_ACTLNGTH_STAT = 10.

How things play out is largely determined by what has happened previously.

With next update that will no longer be the case and you`ll always see your scores with girls @cptvalor: that will most likely be included in Episode 6 or 7 [probably 6] @tj74: Episode 5 did came out on December 28th.

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