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My Harry Potter love has never wavered over the years since I first read the books, but as I get older and somewhat wiser, I find myself returning to the work.

Now, I’m more open to its faults - some minor, others glaring.

With the Potter universe expanding beyond the seven books, thanks to a two-part stage drama and the upcoming has delighted many fans and infuriated others.

Rowling’s response was enthusiastic, but her insistence that Hermione could be read as black in the books highlights a wider problem with the series regarding its racial make-up.

“I’ve been operating under the assumption that I’m the lucky one.” “Lucky in love,” Berdine said. The first time I met him, he already had soulmate magic drifting in his core. He was such a lovely boy—so polite if a bit reserved.

Of course, that wasn’t that long after he completed the ritual that ended Tom Riddle.” She turned to the two witches closest to her.

It’s obvious that Rowling feels some guilt over this, and I applaud her willingness to interrogate her own creation.

That’s not ideal, but as it stands that’s what we have.

Lord Black refused the marriage contract offer on behalf of his son with prejudice,” Berdine explained.

“It was a great offense to deliver on another magical house.

Rowling’s openness with her fans has led to further questions over the glaring lack of diversity elsewhere the series, and her responses over each observation or interpretation of her work have raised a number of eyebrows.

Much has been made about Dumbledore’s status as a gay character - something confirmed by the author, but never within the books themselves – and now Rowling has talked up the number of LGBTQ and Jewish characters in the series.

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