Sasuke and sakura the dating game

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Sasuke closed his eyes and sighed when he realized his fan girls were gone.Sakura took notice of his action and let go of her breath that she didn't realize she was holding. Sakura thought, immediately letting go of his shirt. " Sasuke continued, "You know what this reminds me of?The young Uchiha thought, eyes narrowing as he focusing his gaze at the ground so the pink-haired girl in front of him couldn't see his pain."Sasuke? Sasuke glanced at her, indicating that he was listening."Take your shirt off," she announced when she got his attention. " Sakura sighed, a guilty expression making it's way onto her face.She pouted for him as a sign of an apology, since she couldn't bring herself to say the words aloud.But, after an "accidental" encounter, will things start to heat up? " Sakura asked, focusing her emerald green eyes on his pale handsome face."Here's the thing," Sasuke answered, still gripping the part on his back where he was "oh-so-rudely" shoved into the lockers. "You need to get over yourself, Sasuke­-."Sasuke's smirk grew wider as he clicked his tongue in response.He walked towards Sakura, matching every step Sakura took backwards. "Anything's possible," he retorted smoothly."So, what's this bet about? Instinctively reacting to the question, she yelled back, "Of course not!He hissed when his back came in contact with the entrance, but dismissed the pain quickly.Sasuke held his head back, listening till the shrieks and screams of the girls were at a good distance away.

His obsidian onyx orbs gave off a little glint in them because of his grin. Add his charming personality and it was no wonder girls practically worshipped the man. " she grunted through her teeth as she tried to release herself from his arms.. Thought the pink-haired girl until she quickly remembered their little "agreement.""Ah, of course.

Sasuke chuckled lightly, "Do you think you can get more fan boys than the number of fan girls I have? His other hand went to where the bruise was on his back. but maybe that's not a problem." He took a step closer to her, his leer still etched on his face as Sakura took a step back by reflex. You're the one who gave me it in the first place." Sasuke took a step back out of cautious instinct.

He winced a little when he put pressure where his injury was. She closed her eyes to hide the fact that she was about to roll them at his thought to herself, giving Sasuke an angry pout after taking a breath. I meant that you should take off your shirt so I could examine the bruise on your back. "You're not going to give me another bruise, are you?

Sasuke shrugged, quickly taking his shirt off in the meantime.

When it was off he simply tossed it on the floor and did a few arm stretches. Sakura couldn't help but agree with her Inner's statement. Sakura looked up at him, having momentarily forgotten it was Sasuke in particular that she was gawking at.

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