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The most complete, within its limited domain, is provided by the NASA Astrophysics Data System [ADS].Another leading example is the National Library of Medicine's Pub Med/Pub Ref [Pub Med] system, which is used by High Wire Press and others.Supplementing the IFLA and INDECS terminology, the International DOI Foundation (IDF) has contributed "creation" as a useful generic term encompassing the work and all of its expressions, manifestations and items.The distinction between expression and manifestation is useful for works that are performed but usually can be ignored for works that have a single expression, like most journal articles.Hence, research on reference linking is allied to the development of systems of persistent identifiers.Throughout the study, the emphasis has been pragmatic. Are there simplifications that can be made in the short term, knowing that they will need to be addressed later?Journal articles represent three types of creations: the work, or creative output of the author(s); the manifestations, or instantiations of the work in print and/or electronic form; and the items, or specific copies of a manifestation.An article, for example, could have been published in a print and an electronic version.

The report of the February linking workshop is available at [Needleman 1999].However, reference linking goes much further than citations to journal articles, and the simplifications that are being used to get started must always be considered in the long-term context.(See the discussion of dynamic linking below.) The first stage in reference linking is to understand to what a reference refers.One of the first projects to examine reference linking systematically was the Open Journals Project [Hitchcock 1998].Recently, several systems have been developed for reference links from online journal articles to other journal articles.

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