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Today, Steve is a National Audubon vice president and director of Audubon’s Seabird Restoration Program.Decades of work by his Puffin Project have resulted in around 1,000 pairs nesting on Maine islands.A revitalized Friends of Hog Island group raised considerable money as well.“It’s a great success now, both financially and program-wise,” Steve said.

Though Redbreasted Nuthatches occasionally beeped and Golden-crowned Kinglets seeped, land birds in general seemed scarce.

In 2010 Steve arranged to operate the Hog Island camp through the Seabird Restoration Program.

“We could use Puffin Project people as staff, and it would be more efficient,” he says.

Enter Stephen Kress, who was the camp bird instructor when I met him in 1974.

Back then, he was a young ornithologist with the ambitious idea of reintroducing Atlantic Puffins to Maine, where they had been extirpated in the late 19th century.

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